M Files

Need help finding, organising and securing the information your business runs on?

M-Files is a powerful yet easy to use content and document management software application that manages, finds, and tracks documents and information in companies and organisations of all sizes.

As an M-Files partner we are more than just a reseller.
Our team can ensure M-Files connects seamlessly across your different systems and applications, including Microsoft Office, CRM or ERP. We can deploy M-Files to the client’s own server, or host it within our Private Cloud or a hybrid of both.

Fast Implementation

M-Files is easy and fast to deploy. Whether you choose to implement the system on your own, or use our professional consulting services for additional support, you will be up and running quickly and efficiently.

Easy to Use…

M-Files integrates directly with the Windows Explorer interface – so there’s no learning curve. You can access the document repository just like a disk drive, and drag and drop files into and out of M-Files in seconds.

Eliminates Chaos

Avoid versioning issues and stay compliant with features like check-out and check-in, old version preservation, change logs and automatic version naming and numbering options. Any document is the most current version.

Talk to us today about the difference M-Files could make for your business.